Cupping Massage

What is Cupping Massage?

Cupping is an ancient technique that helps to increase blood flow and .................

Benefits of Cupping

Energy work helps the body to strengthen its natural self-healing mechanisms. The therapist channels positive, healing energy to the receiver and works to balance energy patterns in the body. You will receive benefits such as feeling grounded, deep relaxation, stress relief, restored balance and experience being in the moment. 

What You May Experience In a Session

During a session, you may experience a feeling of inner quiet, peace and relaxation. You may feel lighter, see colors or imagery, release symptoms of stress, anxiety and bring an overall sense of relaxation.


It can help with symptoms of depression, muscle pain, cancer, PMS, infertility issues, pain control and more. This way of healing can help to promote healthy sleep, improve immune function, while boosting alertness and brain power. 

Cupping can be done during a Myotherapy session if needed.

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