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Book A Virtual Session 

To book a Chakra Cleansing in person session click on Book Online in Menu

To book a virtual session for a Chakra Cleansing: Please send an email to

Please include some information in your request:

  • Is this a session about just you or you and a twin flame?

  • If just you, please provide the goal you have in mind. Examples could be patterns around addictions, weight, chronic physical pain, emotional pain, traumas, karmic patterns and wound, etc ---- Regardless, I will be going into each chakra and asking it to show us what needs to be healed, so if you are unsure just write "unsure."

  • If there are any days of the week or times of day that works better for you, please provide information so I can best schedule our session.

  • Payment can be accepted virtually by Pay Pal, Zelle or Venmo. Please include how you will pay. Payment will be required at time of booking session. 

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