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Energy Clearing With Raindrop Therapy

This is a detoxifying and cleansing session for your mind, body and spirit.

You will receive deep healing in your mind, body and spirit with this session. This experience will leave you feeling renewed on all levels. You will feel more balanced and harmonized within. This is for balancing, clearing, purifying and detoxing your mind, body and spirit. 


This session will help you to release stuck energy debris from the electromagnetic field that surrounds your physical body, your chakras and will even detox your physical body leaving you in higher vibrations.


For more information...see below........


"The cure for pain is in the pain."


What Are Chakras?

It is important to nourish our mind, body and spirit. Our chakras are wheels of spinning energy that run up along the spinal column and are healthy when they are cleared and at an optimal vibration. When we have unprocessed emotions, traumas and grief, the chakras begin to get bogged down with gunk that can cause the wheels to spin at a rate that is too fast or slow and may even become completely shut down and blocked. 

The blocks within our energy system can be caused from limited beliefs, fears, traumas and wounds that could be from this lifetime or a past life. These blockages could be contributing too patterns in one’s life that keep cycling over and over. It could be what is responsible for the physical and emotional health problems we are experiencing. This could be the thing holding us back from living the life that we thought could only exist in our dreams.

Our chakras are the gateway for our subconscious mind (which is the field around us) into the physical body which holds the conscious mind.


How Does Our Chakras Affect Our Physical Body?


In today’s modern day, we are obsessed about looking for quick fixes when it comes to our health. The truth is, if it is a quick fix than it is just a band aid.


True healing happens when we heal from the inside out. If we are experiencing a chronic physical pain or disease, chances are it is a manifestation from an emotional wound or trauma that has been left unprocessed in your subconscious mind which is in your energy field. 


What Is Our Energy Field?

We have an electromagnetic field around us that can stretch as far as 6 feet wide. This field is measurable and carries information about us and our experiences. This field is our outer mind (our subconscious mind). All of our behavioral patterns are held here and we may be looping old programming, behaviors and learned beliefs that we may not agree with out here in our field. 

It is through this field that we communicate to other people, even when we are not aware that we are. And our field is what talks to our brain. Our brain is only the processor of the information. The brain tells our body what to do. If we are not aware of our programs and they are replaying ones we may not like then it could be telling the body to do things we really do not want. 

The more space we clear out in this field, the more open we are too positive energies and the ability to use more of our senses. 


What Is Raindrop Therapy?

Raindrop therapy will be used in conjunction of energy work. 

Raindrop therapy was developed by Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential oils. It is a technique where specific essential oils are used on the feet to clear and detox the physical body and its natural flow. 

These oils are placed on bottom of the feet because we have a high concentration of nerve endings on our feet with as many as 200,000 pores on the sole of each foot. 

Some of the oils used in your session are:

  • Peppermint

  • Basil

  • Cypress

  • Marjoram

  • Oregano

  • Thyme

  • Wintergreen


Why Use Essential Oils?


Essential oils are made form high vibrational plants. Modern medicine has tried to recreate what Mother Nature gave us here on our planet for free. Plants cannot be patented, so money cannot be made by them. Manufacturers have recreated in a laboratory with chemical compounds what are known as medicines to us today. 


But these chemicals bring our vibration levels down and create an unbalance within us. Essential oils that are made from high quality plants, raise our vibration internally and within our field. 


What Included In Session:


This is a one hour session where you would be laying face down and face up on the table. You are invited to just relax and lay with your eyes closed. You can just clear your mind and rest or go into meditation. 

I will be clearing energy from your field and chakras, balancing your energies with Universal Life Force Energy and tuning forks while applying the raindrop techniques and oils. 

These sessions are very intimate and sacred.  


You will be on your way to full self realization. 

I am so grateful and honored to lead you on your journey to healing.

Love and light..... And so it is!

Carrie Cox

Practical Information

Here is some practical information, to help you optimally prepare for your session. Please read this section carefully, so that we can use our time together on deeply exploring your healing.

What you need to know before the session:


This is a maximum 1 hour session and only available in person because we are applying oils.  

After the session please:

  • Drink lots of water to help flush out all the energies that were lodged in your physical body and are now being released. You may not feel well for a few days as your body is detoxing. 

  • Watch your food choices and stay away from alcohol or substances that may hinder your progress.


By buying this service you state that you have read the following disclaimer and terms of service and that you willingly enter into and accept the following as your own words:

I am 18 years of age or older. I understand that I am not receiving legal, professional, financial, medical, religious, emotional or psychological advice. I understand that no warranty or guarantee exists. I understand that any inferences I make during my session are my own, and are open to interpretation. I understand that it is my choice to act upon any information gleaned during my session and I hold Carrie harmless from any liability.

I understand that no professional relationship exists. By agreeing to the terms of this disclaimer, I certify that I am voluntarily seeking service from Carrie and take full responsibility for any/all outcomes.

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