Chakra Clearing & Reading 

This session is to help you to release stuck trauma, unprocessed emotions, and energy debris from this and past lifetimes. Release fears and phobias that are limiting you and retrieve aspects of the soul that are lost in other timelines. But first....... you need to know what those are.


These energies may be found in your chakras and causing them to be overactive, underactive, closed or blocked. These blockages can be contributing to things such as physical ailments, money issues, relationship and intimacy problems. Healing that addresses the mind, body and spirit. 


In order to help you heal these past and present life programming and blocks, I have developed a technique that will help you to understand blocks and stagnant energies that may be clogging up your energy system which is manifesting into emotional and physical problems.  


This clearing is a powerful journey through your chakras to help you release any karmic patterns that may be weighing down your vibrational field with dense energies. Energies that are low vibrational keep you tethered to the old 3D paradigms and vibrational frequencies.


Guided/messages are used to help in bring these subconscious patterns into the conscious. Energy work is done in your chakra centers and auric field. 

This session is done over zoom. Our zoom session may run anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours but 2 hours minimum is spent on your session. Continuing reading below.............


"The cure for pain is in the pain."


Why is a session like this important?

It is important to nourish our mind, body and spirit. Our chakras are wheels of spinning energy that run up along the spinal column and are healthy when they are cleared and at an optimal vibration. When we have unprocessed emotions, traumas and grief the chakras begin to get bogged down with gunk that can cause the wheels to spin at a rate that is too fast or slow and may even become completely shut down and blocked. 

The blocks within our energy system can be caused from limited beliefs, fears, traumas and wounds that could be from this lifetime or a past life. These blockages could be contributing too patterns in one’s life that keep cycling over and over. It could be what is responsible for the physical and emotional health problems we are experiencing. This could be the thing holding us back from living the life that we thought could only exist in our dreams.


Why does it matter for our health and wellbeing if our chakras are open, blocked or balanced?


When one chakra is blocked, the other ones start to compensate for it and they become overactive or under active.   

In today’s modern day, we are obsessed about looking for quick fixes when it comes to our health. The truth is, if it is a quick fix than it is just a band aid. True healing happens when we heal from the inside out. If we are experiencing a chronic physical pain, chances are it is a manifestation from an emotional wound or trauma that has been left unprocessed in your subconscious or energy field. 


If this pattern or wound happened when we were children or even in another lifetime, how do we know what the block is in order to heal it? 


This is where I come in: 


The Chakra Clearing and Healing that I developed is two part. I use various techniques and tools, learned in all of my training in energy clearing/healing to open and clear energetic blocks and debris within your chakras and energy field. 


The second part is using oracle cards, intuition and the guidance of your higher self: retrieving the messages from the chakra blockages (your subconscious programming) so we can bring them into your subconscious mind for healing. Once you become aware of what they are, they can be released for good. 


Things we may discover during your session are:


  • Whether your chakras are open, closed, block, under active or overactive


  • What traumas, wounds, programming, old beliefs and fears are in the way of you becoming who you truly are


  • Any low vibrational frequencies that you are holding such as anger, resentment, judgement, guilt, fear, depression and so on


  • Any place that you are not standing in your power because of victim identification


  • Any place that you became against yourself through shame, blame, guilt, self-judgement and self-hatred


  • Cord cutting with people, places and collective consciousness that no longer serves you - release outdated soul contracts


  • Your core wounding (when you are ready) that is keeping you in false identification with the ego and personality, instead of identifying with the soul


  • Money related trauma such as any fears or false beliefs you have around money and abundance which are found in root, solar plexus and heart chakra


  • Replace 3D paradigm subconscious programming with new 5D consciousness and codes


  • Guidance on how to do the inner work necessary to heal 


These sessions are very intimate and sacred. You will find information from your past life experiences as well as your current. There are hidden aspects of your soul being discovered here. 


You will be on your way to full self realization. 

I am so grateful and honored to lead you on your journey to healing!

Love and light,


Carrie Cox

Practical Information

Here is some practical information, to help you optimally prepare for your Chakra Clearing Session. Please read this section carefully, so that we can use our time together on deeply exploring your chakra and karmic patterns and blocks instead of repeating this kind of general info on the call.

What you need to know before the session:

  • This is a maximum 2 hour session - 1 to1.5 hours will be on the zoom session. The other time is used for my preparation before the session. You are brought into the session after i have aligned your chakras, cleared energetic debris and gathered info from your chakras.

  • The call will be held on a zoom session (or can be videotaped but you will have no interaction with me)

  • You can use your laptop, smartphone or tablet to access the session

  • Please read the ‘after the session’ instructions BEFORE your session

After the session please:

  • Take an Epsom salt foot bath (sea salt or magnesium salt work too) to fully release the energies that we have brought up for clearing, from the past lives we worked in.

  • Burn some dried sage in the room where you sat during the journey, this to clean the space energetically of all the residue energies we cleared during the session.

  • Drink lots of water to help flush out all the energies that were lodged in your physical body and are now being released.


By buying this service you state that you have read the following disclaimer and terms of service and that you willingly enter into and accept the following as your own words:

I am 18 years of age or older. I understand that I am not receiving legal, professional, financial, medical, religious, emotional or psychological advice. I understand that no warranty or guarantee exists. I understand that any inferences I make during my session are my own, and are open to interpretation. I understand that it is my choice to act upon any information gleaned during my session and I hold Carrie harmless from any liability.

I understand that no professional relationship exists. By agreeing to the terms of this disclaimer, I certify that I am voluntarily seeking service from Carrie and take full responsibility for any/all outcomes.